2009 Sunflower Revolution VI - Parkinson’s Disease Symposium & Expo

September 12, 2022
Savannah Center, West Chester
1a. Parkinson’s Disease 101 for Newly-Diagnosed Patients & Their Caregivers
–Alberto Espay, MD, Fredy Revilla, MD, Andrew Duker, MD, Alok Sahay, MD, Michele Janszen, RN

1b. (Printable PDFs) Resources for Caregivers Presentation Slides » | Additional Resources for Caregivers Handout »
-Maureen Gartner, RN, MEd

2. Welcome
–Alberto Espay, MD, Kim Seroogy, PhD

3. Waking Up to Parkinson’s Disease: Getting & Staying Active, Living Better with PD
–Sarah Krumme Stahr, MS, Steve Damico, MS

4. Moments of Victory
–Amy Howard and Davis Phinney

5. Poems by Parkinson’s Patient
–Betty Jo Blauner

6. Medication Management Options Panel
–Alberto Espay, MD, Dale Ankenman, Andrew Duker, MD, Fredy Revilla, MD

7.  Deep Brain Stimulation Panel: Am I a Good Candidate?
–Alberto Espay, MD, Dale Ankenman, Davis Phinney, George Mandybur, MD, Fredy Revilla, MD, Jaimie Henderson, MD

8.  The Why and How of Tango for Parkinson’s
–Gammon Earhart, PhD, PT

9.  Parkinson’s at Night: Sleep Disorders
–Andrew Duker, MD

10.  Stem Cell Research and Its Potential Impact on Parkinson’s Disease
–Timothy Collier, PhD

11.  Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) for Parkinson’s Patients
–Sharon Olthaus, MS, CCC-SLP

12.  Local and National Research Highlights
–Kim Seroogy, PhD, Alberto Espay, MD, Jaimie Henderson, MD

13.  Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) for Parkinson’s Patients
–Sharon Olthaus, MS, CCC-SLP

14.  Panel Discussion: Q & A with those Treating, Studying and Living with PD
–John Tew, Jr., MD, Alberto Espay, MD, George Mandybur, MD, Davis Phinney, Mike Pohl, Fredy Revilla, MD, Caryl Sortwell, PhD, Jaimie Henderson, MD, Bernice Klaben, PhD, CCC-SLP