2010 Sunflower Revolution VII - Parkinson’s Disease Symposium & Expo

September 11, 2022
The Oasis Conference Center, Loveland
1.  Parkinson’s Disease Over the Years (printable PDF »)
Andrew Duker, MD

2. Resources for Caregivers: Navigating Disability & Insurance (printable PDF »)
Maureen Gartner, RN, MEd

3.  Exercise: The Positive Effect - Could it Delay the Disease? (printable PDF »)
David Zid, BA, ACE, APG & Jackie Russell, RN, BSN, CNOR

4.  Managing Motor Complications in PD: Medication Options  (printable PDF »)
Andrew Duker, MD

5.  Managing Motor Complications in PD: Surgery Options (printable PDF »)
George Mandybur, MD

6.  Tips for Coping with Parkinson’s(printable PDF »)
Mark Schroder, PsyD

7.  Moments of Victory: Living Well
Amy Howard & Davis Phinney

8.  Voice & Swallowing Issues (printable PDF »)
Sid Khosla, MD

9.    Exercise Demo: Posture and Sitting exercises
Sarah Krumme Stahr, MS

10.    Local and National Research Highlights (printable PDF »)
Kim Seroogy, PhD & Alberto Espay, MD, MSc

11.  Panel Discussion: Q & A with those Treating, Studying and Living with PD
Andrew Duker, MD, Davis Phinney, Alok Sahay MD, Maureen Gartner, RN, MEd, George Mandybur, MD, Sheila Fleming, PhD, Bernice Klaben, PhD, SLP/CCC, Alberto Espay, MD, MSc, Brian Terpstra, PhD, Sandi & Frank Barresi