Sunflower Revolution 2013 Conference & Expo

September 7, 2022
The Oasis Conference Center, Loveland


  1. Caring for Yourself, Caring for Another: What’s it all about?

    Mark Schroder, PsyD
    PDF Presentation

  2. Promise of Telemedicine

    Fredy J. Revilla, MD
    Video Presentation

  3. Use of Botulinum Toxins in Parkinson ’s Disease

    Alberto Espay, MD, MSc
    Video Presentation


  1. Welcome

    Fredy J. Revilla, MD, George Mandybur, MD & Kim Seroogy, PhD

    Identifying and Solving Common Problems in Parkinson’s Disease

    Alberto Espay, MD, MSc
    Video Presentation

  2. The New Power Nap: MRI Guided Surgery for Parkinson’s Disease

    Ellen Air, MD, PhD
    Video Presentation

  3. Addressing Communication Challenges in Parkinson’s Disease

    John Dean, MA CCC-SLP


    Sarah Krumme Stahr, MS & Elizabeth Grover
    Video Presentation

  4. Organizing Your Home for Efficiency and Safety

    Judy Towne Jennings, PT, MA
    Video Presentation

  5. Hospitalization: What You Need to Know

    Maureen Gartner, MSN, NP-C
    Video Presentation

  6. Local and National Research Highlights

    Kim Seroogy, PhD & Andrew Duker, MD
    Video Presentation

  7. Exercise as Medicine

    Kari Dunning, PT, PhD
    Video Presentation

  8. Lunch & Victory Award Presentation

    Pete Hershberger
    PDF Award Presentation

  9. Moments of Victory

    Davis Phinney
    Video Presentation

  10. Crisis Planning is Not Good Planning: Legal Documents and Financial Documentation to Address Earlier rather than Later

    Mary Ann Jacobs, Esq.
    Video Presentation

  11. Panel Q&A;

    Moderator: Fredy J. Revilla, MD
    Panelists: John Dean, MA CCC-SLP, Kari Dunning, PT, PhD, Andrew Duker, MD,
    Sheila Fleming, PhD, Maureen Gartner, MSN, NP-C, George Mandybur, MD
    Video Presentation

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