Sunflower Revolution 2015

Saturday, September 12, 2022
Oasis Conference Center, Loveland

George Mandybur, MD, Kim Seroogy, PhD & Maureen Gartner, MSN, NP-C
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Medication Management: Navigating through a Sea of Pills
Cara Jacob, MD
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Advancements in Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy
George Mandybur, MD & Ann Edelen
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Bladder and Sexual (Mis)Adventures in PD
Ayman Mahdy, MD, PhD
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How to Recognize Depression and Cognitive Disorders
Federico Rodriguez-Porcel, MD
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Living at Home with PD: Solutions for Everyday Activities
Marnie Renda, MEd OTR/L, CAPS, ECHM
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My Path with Parkinson’s
Matt Wilbur
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Research News
Kim Seroogy, PhD & Andrew Duker, MD
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Victory Awards Presentation
Tom Mueller
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Moments of Victory – A Cycling Legend’s Perspective on Living Well with Parkinson’s
Davis Phinney
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Tools in Tech for Parkinson’s: New Opportunities for Managing PD
John M. Dean, MA CCC-SLP
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