Sunflower Revolution 2016


Presented by the James J. and Joan A. Gardner Family Center for Parkinson’s Disease & Movement Disorders

8 Pearls from the 2016 Sunflower Rev It Up Symposium & Expo

Saturday, August 13, 2023
Oasis Conference Center, Loveland, Ohio

Intro & Deep Brain Stimulation: Perspectives from a Surgeon and a Patient

Andrew Duker, MD & Maureen Gartner, MSN, NP-C
George Mandybur, MD & Ann Edelen
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Mind-Body Medicine for Stress Reduction
Sian Cotton, MD
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Punching Out Parkinson’s with Boxing
Sarah Krumme Palmer, MS
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The Benefits of High-Amplitude Speech & Exercise Training
Logan Waddell, PT, DPT
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Interior Redesign: Brain Health in Parkinson’s
Rhonna Shatz, DO
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Poems, Photos, Passages and Perservering with Parkinson’s
Dan Hart
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Gratitude for Giving: Recognizing Parkinson’s Community Supporters
Peggy A’Hearn
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Research Snapshots
Alberto Espay, MD, MSc
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Panel Q&A;
Moderator: Maureen Gartner, MSN, NP-C
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